Nothing is seen better than in comparison

I have been waiting too long to start writing. It is this typical fear that whatever I say it has been said already and I will just leave it inside my head. Well who knows I may add something new. There is so much but then when you sit down to write it it all becomes a big mess. That’s why experienced writers say you have to make it a habit to write, make a schedule, create a routine because this is work that needs to be done.

Changing scenery should help spark the creativity, but this is not all it takes to start pouring it onto the page right. No it’s not. I recently changed the scenery – moved to California – and this has not just manically boosted my creativity or desire to write. Something is just missing and I wonder if it’s my creativity or just my own willingness to sit down and write.

I used to write a lot especially when I was in high school and college. So I wonder what was different then that made me write and be inspired. I decided I need to compare my situation back then and state of mind to my current condition and analyze the difference to help myself become productive again. I think this will help me bring awaken my creative side because I think it’s just sleeping and may be getting rusty in fact. An it’s way too early for this. I am way to green to go rusty and squeaky.

Nothing is seen better than in comparison.