Do we leave the storytelling to novelists?

All marketers will come running and screaming NO NO! We use storytelling to sell our products and services. We need it. We can do it and we do it. Daily. Marketing and advertising managers and executives have tapped into the deepest and the dearest places of our souls. They have learned this from the literature, theater and movie industry. Marketing departments understand how to play with our emotions. The most skillful once tell simple stories that sell us their brand in a very subtle way. This is smart selling right. And people around the world like it. Millions take it because they need it. We all love a good story. Whether you read it, watch it or play it (yes play The World of War Craft!).

Storytelling is one of the oldest professions. Yes it is a profession because not everybody was talented do draw crowds who would sit and listen. The difference is this profession wasn’t selling anything back then.

Are we really so thirsty for stories, but that busy to get a book, a novel, and satisfy this need for cultural and spiritual enrichment?

Through the magic of language, gestures and images we can be drawn in, and our imagination intrigued. A good story will touch millions of people. A good marketer knows that and they use it to make those people customers. Just like Google does.

Google’s latest video “Google Search: Reunion” received millions of views in just two days because it tells a good story. It is just a great example of how strategic storytelling works to promote a brand.

Watch the video here if you would like:

So, do we leave the storytelling to novelists? Obviously any person or company can use the power of storytelling. It is awesome that there are so many storytellers. But do we get to hear all those good stories out there? No. The mass often only hears stories from the big companies, with deep promotion pockets. And there is nothing bad with that perhaps. We have a choice and the freedom to search for a good story anytime we need it. If someone is offering us one we gladly take it because stories are how we remember. Everyone’s life is a story on its own. It has a start, a middle and an end. We tend to forget bullet points and lists, although they are easier to read. But remember twists and turns happening in a story, we remember vivid descriptions, characters and most importantly we remember what we felt. A good story pulls the strings of our emotions and touches us in a way that we remember.

Every person has a story to tell. If you are passionate about what you are doing you should tell your story and find a way to create meaning.

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