Is your head spinning?

Mine is.

wake up, get up and check!

check your phone, check your email, Facebook, Google +, Twitter, the news, turn on the radio.

Bathroom check in there! Then turn on the coffee machine. Slowly transitioning form the isolation of your sleep to the noise of the buzzing, fuzzing world. Do you like it? I bet you do. It makes you feel alive, right. That’s what we all keep telling ourselves. I want more. I can take more. Give me more. More emails, more phone calls, more Facebook friends, more Twitter followers.

Is your head spinning? No. Ok.

The coffee is ready. Wait you don’t even have time to sit down in your kitchen and drink a cup of coffee. You have to go! You have one hour of driving to work. If you are lucky, you may get there in 45 min. Good luck. So, you will be drinking your coffee in the car, and probably have some breakfast in the car too.

Finally, you are at your desk. You are ready to start your day. Open your email and listen to your voice mails first. Wow, you have 116 emails and 12 voice messages. Busy bee! What will this company do without you. Just until you get around to go through all this noise and it’s lunch time. Yey. Now you can have some time to sit down and eat like a normal person. You have about 45 min. Don’t forget to clock out.

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Let go, let it go! In the end nothing is real and nothing means nothing,

but we should never stop getting ready for what might come after.

After means after something has happened. Afterbirth.

After. What happens after the after? Aftercare.

After I worked to fulfill the prophesy, after you didn’t,

after they looked at your day, and the next –  after-effect!

after the wish came true and died, after the sun rose and sat –  afterglow!

after I closed my eyes and reached out to find a cold, empty space –aftermath!

I opened my eyes and decided that I don’t want after –

aftertaste, afterthought, aftertime, afterlife.

Afterworld offering the same afterpieces.

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Everything on the Go

That’s you living on the go over there. And you too. And me too.

But hey it’s your choice. If you like it keep doing what you doing. If you feel that life has dropped some heavy weight on your shoulders that presses your breasts and you can’t breathe then change something.

We often only think about what happened today and how you couldn’t change it. After work you go home take your shoes off and your clothes and you think now its all good. The day has passed and now I can enjoy my home and my meal. And is this all there is to life? That’s what we all do.

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