I’ve done shit

I’ve done shit

I’ve eaten shit.
I’ve drunk shit.
I’ve smoked shit.
I’ve worked shit.
I’ve cleaned shit.

I’ve talked shit.
I’ve felt shit.
I’ve seen shit.

It smells
It tastes
It burns
It bruises
It slips
It feels
It looks

… just like shit.

The shit is shit.
It happens. Get over it. Change it.
Don’t be shit!

To See

I wanna be able to see the light of the world,
I wanna be able to see the stars.
I wanna be able to hear the birds.

Do you wanna see the light of the world?
Do you wanna see the stars?

Let us see the light of the world,
Let us see the stars.
Come with me to see the light of the world,
come with me to see the stars.
Let us hear the song of the birds,
Let us see the light.

I wanna be able to play in the meadow-grass,
I wanna be able to pick the meadow-sweet.
I wanna be able to hear the birds.

Do you wanna hear the birds?
Do you wanna play the game?

Let us make our own light,
Let us conquer the world.
Come with me in the meadow-grass,
come with me to pick the meadow-sweet.
Let us make our own rules,
let us see the stars.

Hard to explain

Its different when someone is good with you or to you and when he is good for you.

It’s hard to explain to those who don’t want to listen or to believe. It’s hard to explain to those who have been comfortable all their life and don’t know happiness.

Don’t try to explain baby. Don’t listen to them. Don’t be the same.

I don’t want comfortable now. All I want is now. I want to feel. Comfort numbs the now. Comfort is preferable by all because it is easy to explain. They don’t want to listen to something nuanced that is hard to explain. It is the centuries old comfort versus happiness dilemma for them. It’s love versus lust for us…

Its hard to explain the thing inside you.



What would I have been

I wonder sometime what would have happened to me had I stayed there.
Would I be here with you? Would I be the soul I am now? Would I be the woman I am now?

He was sitting on the porch and he was pondering his head. He had build his house ont this land he bought five years ago with the money he had saved over the years. His body was peacefull but his mind was circling. He was smoking a cigar and his mouth was making twisted moves insisting on follwoing his mind on producing circles. He was cought in a circle he thought. One more time in a circle he built. And he didn’t know if he was happy about it. He knew he is good where he is. The smell of the newly painted house made him proud and invested. He was invested and had roots now. He felt this overwhelming sense of satisfaction, but his mind kept making circles and his mouth followed suit with the cigar smoke. He shouldn’t smoke around the newly painted house he thought. He got up and stepped down the stairs off the porch and kneeled to the ground pressed the cigar in the soil and put it out. Now he had to stop with this unhealthy circles.

Darling, darling get up!
He was still asleep and began waking up. Still drowsy and with half opened eyes he murmurred something.

Darling come on. We need to get ready mama is coming today.
And there he was now fully awake. He wanted to make his wife happy. That was all he wanted. She was making him happy every day since he first saw her. It was the eyes that see right through and into the soul. When he saw her and their eyes met he saw right through and recognized this soul he had always expected and believed he was going to meet. People didn’t believe him but he knew. He had just bought this land where the house is laid now and he knew it was a sign.