Have we lost ourselves

What did we gain and what did we lose in the last decade?

Have you asked yourself this question?

Technology has changed our lives. We tend to believe that technology makes our lives easier. And there are indeed so many gadgets that make our lives easier. Programs that help us learn and expand our horizons …or so we think …

But do you know what we lost?


Hard to explain

Its different when someone is good with you or to you and when he is good for you.

It’s hard to explain to those who don’t want to listen or to believe. It’s hard to explain to those who have been comfortable all their life and don’t know happiness.

Don’t try to explain baby. Don’t listen to them. Don’t be the same.

I don’t want comfortable now. All I want is now. I want to feel. Comfort numbs the now. Comfort is preferable by all because it is easy to explain. They don’t want to listen to something nuanced that is hard to explain. It is the centuries old comfort versus happiness dilemma for them. It’s love versus lust for us…

Its hard to explain the thing inside you.



It’s about time

It’s about time things change around here. I mean it’s been almost eight years. Eight years i have been chasing, learning and building towers climbing up… to the big bright future. It so …idiotic to start somewhere, feeling small and terrified and end up feeling the same.

After years of hard work to realize you don’t know what you want.

It’s educating though. You come to a point where you feel you need to hit the restart button. This could mean just go back to where you started. May be not exactly where you started, but just some place where you felt good at some point in time, in your waters. When you feel like going back it’s just time for a change.

It’s about time you stop fooling yourself and try to stop thinking for a while.

Do you know what you like? Do you want to saw a seed that is meaningful?
When you feel like you are not where you belong, it’s about time you change something.

Change is not easy. But when you have traveled half the world and came to start building towers with only your bare hands, everything is possible. Do you think everything is possible? Traveling really helps you realize it is.

It’s not true that going back means stepping back figurativaly in life or your development. It means you have learnt.

It means you need to recharge under the sun you know.