Mating the Soul

They say it will happen to each one of us. One day you will walk into a cafe or a night club, you never know, and the one and only will be there. The eyes will meet, and the heart will leap. One day a pair of eyes will pierce your soul and your knees will wamble. One day you will be the happiest and the saddest because you will know it will never happen. Because you know it’s the heart that matters; the dreams that make you keep walking. The genesis of all that matters are those eyes. And that day will come for all of us. Deep down your soul knows the eyes. Deep down the soul cries when it meets the eyes. The soul knows what the heart doesn’t. The soul knows the pain because the soul suffers and survives through centuries, through thousands of eyes. But the heart doesn’t. The heart only feels. The inception of the dream entangles the heart like spider does to its pray. The dream that the mating of the soul has begun. The dream that you are holding the hands you want. The dream that you are looking into the eyes that have been waiting for you. The dream that you are home. The dream that those eyes are your home. They say it will happen to all of us …


I am a writer, a marketer, a traveler, a wanderer! I work hard to find happiness.

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